Important Updates

Home Delivery

Inventory & Credits

You may experience products missing in your deliveries. Please appreciate that our teams are working around the clock to keep our stores stocked and online orders fulfilled. We and all of our key suppliers are up and running and reacting to this situation. Credits for missing items will be applied to your account as quickly as possible.  

Customer Service

Our customer service hours are 9am - 5pm, 7 days a week.  We apologize if you have been reaching out by phone or email, and we have not yet replied. Our team is extremely busy and we simply can’t answer all of the calls or emails we are getting in a timely manner.  A friendly reminder to always check our FAQs before picking up the phone or sending the email - you may find the answer you’re looking for here.

GTA Deliveries

  • We deliver in Toronto 7 days a week!
  • Regular deliveries are $4.00 per order (for all day delivery, 10am - 10pm). 
  • You will receive an email the day before your delivery to confirm a shorter estimated timing window.
  • Want to better predict when your order will arrive?  We offer smaller time slot reservations in Toronto ($7.50 delivery fee, free for Seasons Pass members).
  • Activate your delivery notification alerts under "Account" to be notified by email and/or text that your order has been delivered.
  • Place your order up to 8 days in advance. 
  • Click here to learn more about when and where we deliver.

Got Alcohol? ID required!

ID required! Yup, you read that right! You can now get beer, wine & spirits delivered alongside your groceries! You will need to be home for your alcohol delivery to show ID to our driver. Because of this, there will be a $3.50 fee added to all orders containing alcohol (Free for Seasons Pass members). Please note, any orders containing alcohol must also contain food items. We are unable to fulfill orders that only contain alcohol.

COVID-Safe Deliveries

Condos & Apartments Buildings

Our drivers make every effort to deliver to your unit door.  Please make your concierge aware that you’re expecting a delivery and let us know if there are delivery policies for your building. If we can't reach you via your buzzer or concierge, and we cannot get into your building, our driver will leave your delivery at the building lobby/entrance.  


We will leave your bags at your door (front/back/side, whichever is requested). We are doing our best not to touch door handles, so you may find your bags outside on your covered porch or at your screen door rather than inside it.


The ETA email will give you a heads up of when you can expect your order. And our delivery notification alerts will notify you once your order has been delivered. To confirm your notifications settings, simply log in to your account and click Notifications.

Dry Ice

We are now using dry ice to help keep frozen and cold items at their correct temperature. Dry ice looks exactly like ice cubes and will be loose in a foil pouch. You will be reminded to look out for dry ice, as there is a warning label on every box. Please do not touch dry ice with bare hands, as it can burn your skin on contact. Please use a dish towel or gloves to remove items from the bags, especially if you still see dry ice. Read more here.

Delivery Packaging

To help reduce the risk to our customers, we are now delivering in cardboard boxes.  We are also using dry ice to help keep frozen and cold items at their correct temperature. Dry ice looks exactly like ice cubes. You will be reminded to look out for dry ice, as there is a warning label on every box. Please handle with caution. Read more here.

Returning Reusable Packaging

There will still be some reusable packaging inside your box.  This might include our large tote bags, small cooler bags, ice packs & insulation packs.  Please save those and any jars and return them to us on your next delivery. Prior to re-use, we clean all bags using a food-grade formulated disinfectant and sanitizer that has been registered with the Environmental Protection Agency as a bactericide, fungicide and virucide.

Live in a house? We offer box pickup!
We offer box pickup, alongside your other Fresh City reusable items!  Simply leave them on your front porch for pickup with your next delivery. Please recycle any damaged or soiled boxes as we will not be able to reuse them. Do not break down the boxes when you leave them out for our drivers to pickup with your next delivery. Place all other reusable items - such as Fresh City or Mabel's jars or bottles, foil bags, gel packs - in one box and leave the others empty. Please refrain from sending us other household waste or recycling.

Live in a condo/building? Please recycle your boxes. 
At this time, we cannot accommodate box pickup from buildings, but we will continue to collect your other reusable items.  Please recycle your cardboard boxes.  According to The City of Toronto Waste Wizard, you should flatten the box and place it in the Blue Bin.

Click here for our store hours and contact information.