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Zucchini, Tomato and Feta Galette

Zucchini, Tomato and Feta Galette

If you've made a galette before, you'll know that it's a lot easier to make than it might look. If you haven't, let us convince you with this recipe!


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Galette Dough:
2 cups all-purpose flour
¼ tsp kosher salt
½ cup + 1 tbsp unsalted cubed cold butter
1 egg, beaten
1-2 tbsp ice cold water

3 tbsp prepared pesto
1 zucchini, thinly sliced
1 hot house tomato, sliced into half moons and blotted to remove excess moisture
¼ crumbled feta cheese
2 tsp olive oil
Salt and pepper
1 egg, well beaten

Galette Dough : In food processor, pusle together flour, salt and butter until mixture ressembles coarse sand. Add in egg and water, 1 tbsp at a time, until dough starts to form. Don’t overmix. Transfer to lightly floured work surface and gather dough together using your hands. Knead once or twice to form smooth ball.

Roll out dough between two sheets of parchment paper to prevent sticking. Form a rough 12-inch circle (it does not have to be a perfect circle!). Slide dough onto parchment-paper lined rimmed baking sheet. Spread pesto over dough, leaving about 2-inch uncovered border. Layer zucchini and tomato over pesto. Drizzle with olive oil and season genersouly with salt and pepper. Dot with feta cheese.

Brush uncovered border of pastry with some of the beaten egg. Fold edges around veggies, lightly pressing to seal. Refrigerate for 20 minutes. Brush top of pastry with remaining egg.

Bake in 400°F oven until pastry is golden, 30 to 40 minutes. If pastry starts to get too dark, lightly tent with foil. Leave to cool slightly on baking sheet for 5 minutes and transfer to serving platter.