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Tawse Organic Vermouth & Lemon Spritzer

Tawse Organic Vermouth & Lemon Spritzer

This summery spritzer is extremely refreshing and quick to make. I love to use the Tawse Organic Vermouth because as a wine drinker, it's based on the Riesling grape and has 14 botanicals added to it. It is great for a digestif or as an easy sipping cocktail. 


1 oz vermouth

1 can spritzer, lemon

1 lemon

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1 oz Tawse Organic Vermouth

1 can of lemon spritzer

1 lemon, orange, and/or lime wheel


1. In a short glass add 1-2 large ice cubes

2. Add 1 oz of Vermouth and about 3 oz or 1 full can of Good Drink Lemon Spritzer.

3. Stir and add slices of citrus into glass for a delicious yet beautiful garnish. Serve and enjoy responsibly!