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Tawse Organic Gin & Tonic

Tawse Organic Gin & Tonic

This cocktail is one of my favourite ways to hold onto summer. It's floral and aromatic thanks to the blend of 10 botanicals found within the Tawse Organic Gin and the floral notes from the elderflower tonic. Enjoy this on your patio or backyard while the warm summer sun still shines!


1 oz gin

1 bottle tonic, elderflower

1 sprig herb, rosemary

1 lemon

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1 oz Tawse Organic Gin

1 bottle elderflower tonic

1 fresh sprig rosemary

1 lemon, sliced into a wheel


1. In a tall glass, add one large ice cube.

2. Add 1 oz of Tawse Organic Gin, about 4 oz or one bottle of elderflower tonic and stir.

3. Add sprig(s) of fresh rosemary and a lemon wheel to garnish. Serve and enjoy responsibly!