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Sweet Sap Mocktail

Sweet Sap Mocktail

Participating in Sober-October? Just cutting back, cutting down and want to have delicious alternatives stocked in your home for yourself and your guests? We have great news-never has there been better alternatives to our favorite alcoholic bevies’ than now, and at Fresh City Bottle shop we have got you covered! This delicious Sweet Sap mocktail uses our favourite non-alcoholic rum from Lumette alongside a local gem, Sapsucker sparkling water. 



4 oz sparkling tree water, lemon

2 oz rum, lumrum (non-alc)

juice,1/2 oz lemon

1/4 oz honey, wildflower

to garnish herb, sage

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4 oz Sapsucker the lemon one sparkling water

2 oz Lumette non-alcoholic rum 

1/2 oz lemon juice

1/4 oz honey

Fresh sage, to garnish


1. Fill a short glass with ice. Pour honey over the ice.

2. Pour the sparkling water, non-alcoholic rum, and lemon juice in the glass. Stir all together.

3. Garnish with fresh sage and enjoy!