Kitchen Supplies:

  • Two baking sheets
  • Aluminum foil
  • Large bowl

Recipe by: Fresh City
Serves: 2
Prep Time: Quick & Easy


1 lb. potatoes, sweet

1 cup tomatoes, grape

1 zucchini, on

1 cup spinach, loose

2 tbsp. biodynamic extra virgin olive oil

To taste salt & pepper

¼ cup cilantro zest-oh dressing (zest-oh pesto spread, apple cider vinegar, chili powder)

2 yellow corn tortillas

¼ cup organic plain hummus

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Preheat the Oven & Prepare the Ingredients
• Preheat the oven to 400ºF and line two baking sheets with aluminum foil.
• Rinse, scrub and slice the sweet potato into ¼-inch thick fries.
• Rinse and halve the grape tomatoes.
• Rinse and slice the zucchini into ¼-inch thick strips.
• Rinse the spinach.

Roast the Sweet Potato Fries
• Add the sweet potato fries to a large bowl and drizzle with 2 tbsp. olive oil and salt and pepper to taste.
• Toss to thoroughly coat and pour onto a baking sheet, making sure the fries are not overlapping.
• Roast in the oven until crispy and golden-brown, about 40 minutes, flipping halfway through.

Roast the Remaining Veggies
• In the meantime, add the grape tomatoes and zucchini to the same large bowl used for the sweet potato.
• Drizzle with the Cilantro Zest-Oh Dressing and season with salt and pepper to taste.
• Toss to thoroughly coat and pour onto the second baking sheet.
• Roast in the oven until the veggies are fork-tender, about 15-20 minutes, flipping halfway through.
• Remove from oven and let cool slightly.

Bring It All Together
• To assemble the wraps, lay out the tortillas and spread half of the hummus on each.
• Top with roasted grape tomatoes, zucchini and spinach, and some of the sweet potatoes if desired.
• Roll the wraps and then cut them in half. Use a toothpick to secure the wraps, if desired.
• Evenly divide the wraps between two plates and serve with a side of sweet potato fries!