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Easy Honey Almond Grilled Peaches

Easy Honey Almond Grilled Peaches

When it's hot outside - these grilled peaches from Eat Well 101 are the perfect summer treat! Fire up the BBQ for our favourite summer dessert. Perfect on their own or serve with some Ontario vanilla ice cream for something extra sweet.


4 peaches, ca

4 tablespoons raw honey

For garnish and crunch almonds, raw

for garnish mint

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1. Wash, halve and pit the peaches. Roughly chop the almonds, as well as the mint. Set aside separately.

2. Toast the almonds in a frying pan (with oil if desired) for a few minutes until beginning to brown.  

3. Heat your grill to medium.

3. Grease the grill grates, and drizzle peaches with honey. Grill cut side down for 3-4 minutes or until tender.

4. Top each peach with a couple of spoonfuls of the toasted almonds. Sprinkle with mint.

Chef's Note: You can use the broiler function of your oven, just broil peaches cut side up.