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Organic zucchini (which means small pumpkin in Italian) is a summer squash. It's great in salads and the key ingredient for ratatouille. Use a spiralizer, mandalin or grater to make organic zucchini noodles - a nutritious substitute to traditional pasta.

Ingredients & Nutrition

Ingredients: no chemicals, no GMOs, just organically grown green zucchini.


H.O.P.E Eco-Farms

As guilt-free as eggs get. This cooperative of Amish farmers in Aylmer, Ontario raises hens in small flocks of 100 to 500 birds in tents on pasture. Weather permitting, tent doors are left open. These happy hens eat grass or organic GMO-free grain and veggie scraps, with full access to nest boxes and perches – though the eggs themselves are not certified organic these are some happy eggs!

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