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Halibut, Wild Pacific

Halibut, Wild Pacific

$8.50  4oz
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Halibut, Wild Pacific


Wild caught off the West Coast of British Columbia in one of the best managed hook and line fisheries in the world. Our Wild Pacific Halibut has a delicate flavour, firm texture, and sparkling white, nearly translucent flesh.

Our Wild Pacific Halibut is delivered frozen and packed in an insulated cooler with ice packs. This ensures the fish stays sufficiently cold and provides you with flexibility on cooking time!

Ingredients & Nutrition

Ingredients: Canadian Halibut


Wild Ocean Fish

A British Columbia based socially responsible seafood company grounded in keystone principles such as product quality, sustainability, and fair trade is atypical, but they are hopeful that other participants in the industry will see the value in such principles, and eventually follow suit. Through education and their commitment to sustainable fishing practices, the ultimate goal of W!LD is to change consumers’ habits such that the fishing industry shifts to one solely dedicated to product quality and environmental stewardship.