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Veggie Pizza Party

Veggie Pizza Party

$53.25  4-6 portions
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Veggie Pizza Party


This product includes:
   1 cup Pizza/Pasta Sauce
   2 count Pizza Dough Ball
   1 cup Parmesan, Grated
   2 cups Cheddar, Mild Marbled
   1 pack Organic Spinach, Baby
   2 cups (1 pint) Organic Tomatoes, Grape or Cherry
   1 count Organic Pepper, Yellow or Orange Bell
   1 bunch Organic Onions, Red
   3 cloves Organically Grown Garlic
   RECIPE CARD: Veggie Pizza Party

This is simply one of the best pizzas we've ever tasted. The crust is crisp and rich with marinara, and gently perfumed throughout with garlic. The cheddar creates an ultra creamy base and cooking the onions beforehand allows them to almost melt into the rest of the pizza. We also suggest showering the pizza with parmesan to round out the melody of complementary flavors.

For directions on how to make this recipe, click here


Ingredients: olive oil, pizza dough balls*, garlic*, red onion*, grape or cherry tomatoes*, yellow or orange bell pepper*, spinach*, mild marble cheddar cheese*, grated Parmesan*, pizza pasta sauce*. 


Allergy Allert:
Made in a facility that also processes wheat, nuts, soybeans, milk and eggs.

per serving (based on 5 servings)



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