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Veggie Bites, Spicy Mesquite
Certified Organic

Veggie Bites, Spicy Mesquite

$7.15  340g
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Veggie Bites, Spicy Mesquite
Certified Organic


Whether your game night involves football or limbo, these Spicy Mesquite veggie bites from Hilary's Eat Well will add a kick. Their sweet, smoky taste pleases barbecue aficionados, while the carrots and beets folded inside satisfy healthy eaters. And no sauce is needed – the flavor is built right in!


Ingredients: Cooked Whole Grain Millet*, Carrot*, Expeller Pressed Coconut Oil*, Beets*, Apple Cider Vinegar*, Onion*, Mesquite Powder*, Garlic*, Mustard (Mustard Seed, Apple Cider Vinegar, Turmeric, Paprika)*, Redmond's Real Salt, Chipotle Pepper*, Psyllium Husk Powder*, Arrowroot*. *Organic.


Hilary's Eat Well