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Veggie Bites, Original


Hilary's Original Veggie Bites from freezer to table in minutes, these versatile veggie bites are great for busy lives. Use them as a tasty appetizer, as an addition to salads and casseroles, or as a great way to get kids to smile while eating some veggies. With their stellar ingredients, you’ll feel good about serving them to your family, party guests, and yourself!

Ingredients & Nutrition

Ingredients: Cooked Whole Grain Millet*, Cooked Whole Grain Quinoa*, Expeller Pressed Coconut Oil*, Sweet Potatoes*, Leafy Greens (one or more of the following: Arugula, Beet Greens, Chard, Collards, Dandelion, Kale, Parsley, Spinach, Turnip Greens)*, Onions*, Redmond's Real Salt, Apple Cider Vinegar*, Psyllium Husk Powder*, Arrowroot*, Garlic*. *Organic.


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