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Tempeh Club Wrap

Tempeh Club Wrap

$9.95  1 portion
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Tempeh Club Wrap


We are officially in love with our Tempeh Club Wrap. We upgraded one of our most popular Recipe Kits, the Avocado Tempeh ‘BLT’ with Tomato & Cheeze to a Ready-to-Eat wrap that is now available daily! Our smokey tempeh provides a wonderful structure in contrast to the mouthwatering avocado and cheese sauce's creaminess and the freshness of tomato and lettuce, making this a fan favourite to omnivores and vegans alike.  

Please note: the date on the sticker on your wrap is a 'best before' date. Please keep refrigerated and consume your wrap by this date. Our wraps are best consumed within 4 days including your day of delivery.


Ingredients†: tempeh* (soy) [soybeans*, filtered water, rhizopus cutlture], flax tortilla wrap* (wheat) [unbleached flour*, brown flax seed*, water, canola oil*, non aluminum baking powder, evaporated cane juice*, sea salt, apple cider vinegar*], avocado*, tomato*, kale*, olive oil*, tamari* (soy), maple syrup*, lemon juice*, garlic* *organic.

 CheeSauce Ingredients†: Olive oil*, water, hemp seeds*, nutritional yeast*, apple cider vinegar,* onion powder*, sundried tomatoes*, garlic powder*, sea salt, turmeric*. *organic.

Contains: wheat, soy.

†While we make efforts to prevent cross-contamination, our facility processes many ingredients so this product may also contain traces of wheat, eggs, mustard, peanuts, crustaceans, fish, soy gluten, and triticale.


Fresh City

Fresh City wants to change how you eat. By bringing makers and eaters closer together, we hope to rekindle the intimacy between people, land and food. For most of us today, farming is an invisible activity. We have lost all contact with the very activity that ten thousand years ago set our species off on its present course. By farming in the city and working with other like-minded makers, we deliver a food experience that respects our bodies, our planet and our shared tomorrow.

Our Vision - to empower all to make conscious food choices.

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