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Sweet Fiesta Chicken, jar

Sweet Fiesta Chicken, jar

$13.25  1 portion
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Sweet Fiesta Chicken, jar


A fiesta on your plate and a fiesta in your mouth! There are so many fantastic, fresh flavours in this Fresh Meal. First, we marinate and bake tender chicken in a sweet and savoury sauce made with apricots, onions, garlic and lemon. Then we combine it with Mexican Quinoa dotted with corn, black beans and lime! Finally, we layer in cabbage, bell pepper and pico de gallo salsa for a meal that's tender and crunchy at the same time! Our organic chicken breast comes from Yorkshire Valley Farms in Ontario. Made from scratch with love in Fresh City's kitchen and vacuum-sealed for freshness. This chef-inspired and nutritionist approved dish serves 1. 

Please note: the date on the sticker on your jar is a 'best before' date. Please keep refrigerated and consume your meal by this date.

Heating instructions: remove from vacuum-sealed bag and heat in microwave for 1-2 mins or oven (375F) for 20 to 25 minutes. Please note that re-heating times are approximate and may vary depending on your microwave or oven.

Ingredients & Nutrition

Ontario chicken*, quinoa*, water, Fresh City's Heavenly Sauce* [ Toronto-based Raw Foodz Italian Idol Dressing* (olive oil*, apple cider vinegar*, sesame seeds*, water, hemp seeds*, coconut sugar*, parsley*, basil*, garlic powder*, onion powder*, oregano*, dill*, sea salt, red pepper*, celery seed*, black pepper*), Ontario apricot preserve*, onion powder*, lemon juice*, onion*, canola oil* garlic powder*, cornstarch*, black pepper*), cabbage*, bell pepper*, corn*,  black beans*, Ontario sheep feta*, Fresh City's Pico De Gallo Salsa (tomato*, cilantro*,  onion*, green pepper & tomatillo hot sauce*,  lime juice*, green onion*, sea salt, paprika*), lime juice*, cumin*, coriander*, sea salt

Allergy Alert: All of the ingredients in this dish are gluten-free and we make efforts to prevent exposure to non-gluten-free ingredients. However, we cannot guarantee that there was no cross-contamination. Made in a facility that also processes tree nuts, peanuts, soybeans, milk and eggs.

Nutrition per jar (1 serving):


Fresh City

Fresh City wants to change how you eat. By bringing makers and eaters closer together, we hope to rekindle the intimacy between people, land and food. For most of us today, farming is an invisible activity. We have lost all contact with the very activity that ten thousand years ago set our species off on its present course. By farming in the city and working with other like-minded makers, we deliver a food experience that respects our bodies, our planet and our shared tomorrow.

Our Vision - to empower all to make conscious food choices.

Our Mission - we create and perfect new ways to connect food makers and eaters.

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