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Creamer, Soy Original Coffee (So Nice)

Creamer, Soy Original Coffee (So Nice)

$3.50  473 ml
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Creamer, Soy Original Coffee (So Nice)


No artificial flavours or colours... It's even cholesterol free. This creamer delivers a smooth, natural and delicious taste to your morning coffee!

Serve chilled. Refrigerate after opening. Stays fresh for 7-10 days after opening. 

Ingredients & Nutrition

Ingredients: filtered water, organic whole soybeans, canola oil, maltodextrin, organic cane sugar, sodium bicarbonate, soy lecithin, dipotassium phosphate, sodium citrate, tapioca starch, natural flavour, carrageenan.

Nutritional information:
fat: 2%
sodium: 1%
carbohydrate: 0%
fibre: 0%
sugar: 0.5g


So Nice

So Nice ishere to bring you great-tasting products in the best ways possible. They place value in:

Healthy People

Certified organic, low in fat and made with integrity – their products are part of a healthy lifestyle.

Healthy Communities

They’re proudly Canadian and they’re even prouder to give back to Canadian communities.

Healthy Environment

From their sourcing practices to their facilities to their packaging, they’re working hard to limit their impact on the environment.