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Sesame Squares
Certified Organic

Sesame Squares

$5.95  150g
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Sesame Squares
Certified Organic


As irresistible as they are crunchy, they're great for slipping into lunch boxes and desk drawers for a deliciously healthy snack that's pure pleasure! Sumsuma squares also go really well with your cup of tea as an original replacement for a cookie.

Hand-made in Montreal, our Sumsuma sesame squares are made in small batches to ensure that our product is as fresh as possible.

Did you know? The word “Sumsum” means sesame in Arabic and Hebrew!


Ingredients: Sesame seeds*, Cane sugar*

Contains sesame seeds. May contain nut shells.



Prana offers a wide range of organic products made in Quebec. They take pride in offering high quality, 10% organic products that have been inspired by different culinary traditions from around the globe. Prana is for anyone who loves food and the ability they have to give their well-being a boost with nutritious and flavourful foods. They create organic and vegan (no animal by-products) foods with the environment and your health in mind, 100% of the time. Prana strongly believes that organic agricultural practices are some of the best ways to preserve our planet’s integrity as well as our own. They aim to change the world, one nut at a time!