Sesame Seed Bagels

Sesame Seed Bagels

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Sesame Seed Bagels


The classic. Get your schmear on with St. Urbain’s Montreal-style wood-fired Sesame Seed Bagels. They are the perfect vessel for cream cheese, smoked salmon, eggs benedict, or whatever makes your bagel dreams come true. Best enjoyed toasted and in multiples. Note: bagels are pre-sliced and frozen for optimal freshness. They will begin defrosting on their journey to your home and can be refrozen!


Ingredients: Wheat Flour, Water, Sugar, Liquid Whole Eggs, Vegetable Shortening (may contain: Palm Oil, Soybean Oil, Modified Palm Oil), Malt Flour, Yeast, Dough Conditioner (Wheat Flour, Dextrose, Diacetyl Tartaric, Esters of Mono-Diglycerides), Sesame Seeds. Allergy Alert: Wheat, Soya, Sulphites, Egg.


St. Urbain Bagels

St. Urbain Bagel established itself in Toronto in 1990. They introduced Montreal-style bagels to our fair city, and have been a staple vendor in the St. Lawrence Market ever since. Hand-rolled, boiled, and baked, St. Urbain's bagels are a product of love - schmear your favourite cream cheese or smoked salmon spread all over them and enjoy!