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Chocolate Chips, Semi-Sweet 55% Cocoa
Certified Organic

Chocolate Chips, Semi-Sweet 55% Cocoa

$8.90  225g
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Chocolate Chips, Semi-Sweet 55% Cocoa
Certified Organic


Cuisine Camino's Semi-Sweet Chocolate Chips are made from rich cocoa and golden cane sugar, without any additives or emulsifiers. They contain 55% Cocoa and the result is rich chocolatey goodness.


Ingredients: Cane Sugar*, Cacao Mass*, Cacao Butter*. *Organic.



Camino is a Canadian brand of fair trade and organic food productsis owned by La Siembra Co-operative in the Ottawa-Gatineau region of Canada. La siembra means “sowing” or “planting time” in Spanish, a symbol for the seeds of change they are sowing through their co-operative and fair trade business models.

La Siembra was established in 1999 by three young entrepreneurs. Having worked overseas, the founders of La Siembra experienced the exploitative nature of trade on the lives of family farmers. These three friends decided to provide Canadian consumers with an alternative to conventionally traded products by establishing a worker-owned co-operative.

Year one was spent in the community kitchen of First United Church - a socially progressive church in Ottawa. As there was no fair trade certification system for cocoa-based products at that time, La Siembra’s founders adopted the guidelines of the Fair Trade Foundation. They began sourcing cocoa from a co-operative in Costa Rica and sugar from a mill supporting co-operative farmers in Paraguay. An organic recipe was developed and the founders began to manufacture and distribute a hot chocolate, sugar and cocoa line themselves.

In 2002, La Siembra worked with Fairtrade Canada (then Transfair Canada) to develop a certification system for cocoa, chocolate and sugar products in Canada and became the first registered importers of Fairtrade Certified cocoa and sugar in North America. 

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