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Yogurt, 4% Plain (Saugeen)

Yogurt, 4% Plain (Saugeen)

$4.35  650g
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Yogurt, 4% Plain (Saugeen)


Saugeen Country Dairy makes yogurt from cow's milk, bacterial culture and nothing else. They strongly believe that yogurt made from pure milk straight from the cow is the best. The shorter the list of ingredients the more natural and better tasting the food will be.


Ingredients: Whole Milk*, Live Bacterial Cultures. *Organic.


Saugeen Country

Since the fall of 1994 Saugeen Country has been making organic yogurt, and now kefir, with milk from their cows. Right there on their farm. 

They farm about 560 acres of rolling land in Grey County between the towns of Durham and Markdale, Ontario. The landscape was formed by the last ice ages and when the glaciers receded they left behind a good amount of stones that we still have to deal with every time we till the land. The elevation (about 370 meters above sea-level) makes for a fairly short growing season with the last frost around the 20th of May and then the first killing frost of the fall at about the 25th of September. Also there are a lot of areas that are too steep, rocky or wet for cultivation. The combination of these factors make this part of the country less desirable for modern large scale farming, but at the same time left it ecologically more intact than many others.