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Russet Potato Chips, Ketchup

Russet Potato Chips, Ketchup

$4.10  170g
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Russet Potato Chips, Ketchup


A touch of crunch and tomato tang turn this Maritime favourite into a global delight! Covered Bridge Ketchup Russet Potato Chips are like none other made in Eastern Canada because they are made with premium russet burbank potatoes, which offers a darker colour and a unique flavour.

This product is all-natural with no artificial colours or preservatives, no trans fats and is certified gluten-free and cholesterol free.


Ingredients: Russet potatoes, canola oil, tomato powder, evaporated cane juice, vinegar powder (maltodextrin, vinegar), sea salt, beet powder, dehydrated tomato, flavour, malic acid, citric acid, garlic powder, onion powder, vegetable oil, dehydrated parsley, spice.

Does not contain: Gluten.


Covered Bridge

Covered Bridge is owned and operated by the Albright family of Albright Farms, a family owned 4th generation company that started in the early 1920s. Aubrey Albright was a shoe maker by trade but worked on a farm in Windsor, New Brunswick owned by Milton Hallet, who was away working in another profession. In 1929, when the Hallets moved home, Aubrey Albright bought a farm in Jacksonville, New Brunswick where Covered Bridge still operates today.

Aubrey had three sons: Lorne, Dalton, and Willis. Aubrey and Lorne farmed together until 1954 when Lorne took over the Jacksonville farm. He kept pigs, chickens, cattle, and 30 acres of potatoes. After storing potatoes for years in the basement of their house, he decided to build his first potato house in 1954, which held 4,000 barrels of potatoes. After years of picking potatoes by hand in barrels, Lorne decided to buy their first potato harvester in 1971.

Lorne had two sons, Robert and Wayne. They all farmed together in Jacksonville and expanded a little every year. They formed Albright Farms Ltd. in 1986. Wayne Albright had two sons, Ryan and Matthew. Robert Albright had one son, Shaun. In 2004, Ryan, Matthew, and Shaun formed Carleton Country Spud Distributors Ltd. to help sell and distribute their own potatoes and other locally grown potatoes to customers throughout the United States and Canada. In 2006, the three partners formed Albright Farms Inc. and purchased the family farm from their fathers Robert and Wayne, and granfather, Lorne. The company now grows 500 acres of potatoes and 550 acres of grain and oil seeds, and has come a long way since 1929 by embracing change and new technology. The factory is located in Hartland, New Brunswick, which is also home to the world's longest covered bridge.

Covered Bridge Potato Chip Company cooks every batch the traditional way; with care, one at a time, to ensure the best flavour and texture. They add mouth-watering seasonings to result in a tasty chip with a crunch that will keep you coming back for more. Each chip is certified gluten-free!