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Yogurt, Rhubarb (Riviera) 4 Single Servings

Yogurt, Rhubarb (Riviera) 4 Single Servings

$5.50  4x120g
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Yogurt, Rhubarb (Riviera) 4 Single Servings


Riviera lets you explore the pleasure of well-crafted & delicious food. Their organic rhubarb flavour consists of rich and creamy yogurt followed by thick rhubarb chunks you can find at the bottom of the jar! Rhubarb is packed with essential vitamins and minerals like dietary fibre and B, C & K complex vitamins. Yogourt acts as a powerful probiotic and carries a handful of benefits that have positive effects on intestinal health & immunity.

Riviera's yogourt jars are 100%  reusable, you can purchase lids here.


Ingredients: Whole Milk*, Skim Milk*, Fruit Preparation* (Rhubarb*, Cane Sugar*, Water, Native Corn Starch, Pectin, Natural Flavours, Elderberries Juice*, Calcium Citrate), Sugar*, Milk Protein Concentrate, Bacterial Cultures. *Organic.



Riviera lets you explore the pleasure of well-crafted, delicious food! Their story dates back to 1920, when Alexandrina Chalifoux began selling extra milk from his herd to villages throughout the area. The family business is still determined to draw their inspiration from wholesome and natural foods!