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Pulp-Free Valencia Orange Juice

Pulp-Free Valencia Orange Juice

$7.45  1.75L
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Pulp-Free Valencia Orange Juice


Happy Planet is a BC-based company that finds the best sun-ripened fruits and squeezes out every last delicious drop! Their delicious Pulp-Free Valencia Orange Juice is Kosher and certified organic! 

Ingredients & Nutrition

Ingredients: Water, organic orange juice concentrate, organic orange oil.


Happy Planet

Randal Ius and his friend Gregor Robertson were two Vancouver boys with big dreams. Using a big blender (and lovely organic carrots grown on the Robertson family farm) the boys started concocting juices and smoothies to give city people a taste of the country. They called their business Happy Planet.

Today, through perseverance, a good dose of passion (and a few mistakes on the way), Happy Planet is Canada’s leading all natural food and juice company. They continue to make great smoothies and juices. They make fresh, delicious, all-natural and organic soups too. They haven't made all the planet happy yet, but it's a good start.

They are passionate about giving you great food that is as natural and organic as they can get it, and using  ingredients that you can recognize and pronounce. They are also passionate about supporting our Canadian farmers so that means buying what they can from right here in Canada.

They are very happy to give back to their community so they've started an initiative called "Grow For Good" which aims to encourage people to think about the food they eat, where it comes from, and who grows it.  It’s also about hunger prevention and helping to provide everyone with access to great tasting and nutritious food.  So they are putting their support behind those awesome organizations, like the food banks who do such great work providing nourishing meals in the community.