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Organic Potatoes, Yellow (5 lb) - 1 bag

Organic Potatoes, Yellow (5 lb) - 1 bag

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Organic Potatoes, Yellow (5 lb) - 1 bag


This product includes:
   Organic Potatoes, Yellow

Hardly any food can be prepared in as many different ways as the potato. Organic yellow potatoes have a crispy skin and dense, buttery texture. Grilling tends to bring out this quality best, and also lends itself well to baking or roasting. Store them in a cool, dark and dry space.

Ingredients & Nutrition

Ingredients: no chemicals, no GMOs, just organically grown yellow potatoes.



Pfenning's Organic Farm is a grower, packer, and shipper of certified organic produce. You can find them nestled in a curve of the Nith River just outside New Hamburg, Ontario. More than just a farm, theirs is a "Quality of Life" business that takes a holistic approach to sustainability. They focus on “local first” family and community building and from that develop market relationships where mutual respect is the foundation.