Pork, Bacon (Packing House)

Pork, Bacon (Packing House)

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Pork, Bacon (Packing House)


The Packing House's Pork Bacon needs no introduction. It's Bacon! Fry it up and start your day the right way. Cook it extra crispy and crumble it into pasta, or salads for some extra smokiness and richness. Packing House sources their pork bellies from Tanjo Farms, an Ontario farm raising hormone and antibiotic-free heritage breed pork. Their bellies tend to be a bit fattier than conventional pork.

Our pork bacon is delivered frozen and packed in an insulated cooler with ice packs. This ensures the meat stays sufficiently cold and provides you with flexibility on cooking time!


Ingredients: Pork, Water, Salt, Prague Powder (Sodium Nitrate, Glycerine, Sodium Bicarbonate), Brown Sugar, Sodium Erythorbate.


The Packing House Inc.

The Packing House Inc. is a local distributor of hormone and antibiotic free dairy and meat products. They work with local Ontario farmers and age beef, and pork products. As well as distributing small Mennonite farms' eggs. They have also paired with Dr. Steven Leeson from Guelph University to develop a non-GMO feed program for the hens raised by Mennonites in St. Jacobs Country. They use a variety of grasses, fermented grains, as well as dried and ground grubs. This gives the hens a well-balanced feed that promote a higher fat content and darker yolks on the Roche Colour Fan. This in turn affects the flavour - giving Packing House eggs a deeply rich flavour.

The hens are a mix of breeds that lay lots of different colours. You may find brown, speckled, pink, and even green eggs in your dozen! The hens are also given access to the outdoors when the weather permits (Ontario winters can be rough for everyone, birds alike!), and are graded at a local facility. The hens themselves are raised hormone and antibiotic-free, from three family farms. 

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