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Tea, Herbal Peppermint

Tea, Herbal Peppermint

$6.45  16 bags
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Tea, Herbal Peppermint


Enjoy Four O'Clock's cooling peppermint herbal tea, originating from a small farm near Al- Fayoum oasis, about 75 kilometers south of Cairo in Egypt. Contains 16 teabags. 


Ingredients: peppermint leaves*

Contains 100% of Fairtrade Certified ingredients by dry weight.


Four O'Clock

Classic teas, inspired by journeys spent around the world. Four O'clock's teas are made of ingredients sourced from plantations that are carefully chosen. Individually wrapped, each variety in the collection presents a unique work of art evoking its distinctive personality. Enjoy Four O'clock tea in the morning or in the evening!