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Peach Resolution Sparkling Kombucha

Peach Resolution Sparkling Kombucha

$4.20  355mL
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Peach Resolution Sparkling Kombucha


Resolve to live life with more peach! Tangy peach partners with expressive white tea in this Sparkling Peach Resolution Kombucha to invigorate your inner resolve. This tasty drink is made in Toronto, using certified organic ingredients and it's gluten-free!

Ingredients & Nutrition

Ingredients: Filtered water, kombucha (yeast and bacteria cultures), organic cane juice, fermented organic green & black tea, rooibos, blackberry leaves, calendula petals, ginger pieces.

Does not contain: Gluten.



Tonica Kombucha is a Canadian company that makes rejuvenating, raw and organic tonic - a modern twist of deliciousness spun from an ancient and healing beverage. With 100% raw digestive enzymes, totally natural, all organic ingredients and only 45 calories per bottle, Tonica Kombucha is the perfect boost for metabolism and natural energy. Plus Tonica’s liver cleansing properties make it a great helper after a late night out! From their small beginnings in their founding yogini’s kitchen to present day coolers in fine grocers across Canada, Tonica kombucha continues to be THE most nutritious and uplifting kombucha there is - just like back when it was first revered by the earliest monks of 221 BC.