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Tea, Herbal Peace

Tea, Herbal Peace

$9.00  16-pack
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Tea, Herbal Peace


The Algonquin Tea Company's Peace Tea has strong cat medicine, the masters of calmness. It is also associated with our porcupine friend because he was so trusting and gentle, falling asleep at a moment’s notice in the sun! The herbs in this blend were combined to enable you to feel the tranquillity and calmness of the earth and ourselves. This organic, rich, musky bitter-sweet tasting tea will ground your being in the sweet beautiful flowing meadow culture of herbs, giving you the peace and security of a warm sunny park. Traditionally used as a sedative, anti-depressant, sleeping aid, to alleviate irritability and nervous exhaustion.


Ingredients: Blue vervain, lemon balm, catnip, oat straw, red bergamot, chamomile, hops, motherwort, valerian, skullcap and St. John's wort.


The Algonquin Tea Company

The Algonquin Tea Company is a collective of dedicated Earth lovers who had a vision of sharing the healing medicine of plants from the Algonquin area. They make 100% certified organic, hand-picked, indigenous Canadian herbs and blended herbal teas. The Algonquin Tea Company has growing and harvesting areas in Whitney, located at the east gate of Algonquin Park on the Madawaska River where they practice Permaculture Forest gardening, and in Golden Lake on a 200-acre homestead where they are growing certified organic herbs.

All of their herbs are wildcrafted (handpicked in the wild) in a sustainable manner (picking amounts that a deer would graze). Those herbs which are more rare are grown organically using non-mechanical, ecologically integrated and permacultural methods. No fertilizers, pesticides, fungicides or herbicides are used in or anywhere near where the herbs are grown or picked for the Algonquin Tea Co. These herbs are picked at the optimum time and dried naturally in dark drying rooms. For packaging, they use bleach-free tea bags, and 100% recycled packaging with Double Aqua Coat Sealed, reusable, plastic pouches. They only use plants that are naturally occurring (indigenous) to the Algonquin Bio-region. Algonquin Tea Co. herbs are safe for children and pregnant women, and are are mild enough to use everyday, the way one would a mint tea. However all plants, especially wild ones, have a strong physiological character and energy which may under some conditions not agree with you.

The Algonquin Tea Company is not a native owned company. The images that grace their boxes were offered by a friend and artist, Ritchie Stardreamer Sinclair, apprentice to Norval Morriseau, as an honouring of those same plant spirits. The black line that surrounds the images, represents the spirit of the land, that unites us all in her love and blessings.