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Yogurt, Plain Greek (Sheldon Creek)

Yogurt, Plain Greek (Sheldon Creek)

$7.15  500mL
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Yogurt, Plain Greek (Sheldon Creek)


Ontario based Sheldon Creek Dairy's Plain Greek Style Yogurt starts with fresh, whole, non-homogenized milk from the family herd. The milk is gently heated, and live cultures added. Finally, the yogurt is cooled, packaged, and shipped out to you!


Ingredients: Whole Milk, Bacterial Cultures.


Sheldon Creek Dairy

Sheldon Creek Dairy believes in doing things the way nature intended. That means keeping milk in its natural form: Sheldon Creek Dairy milk is not homogenized, leaving milkfat globules intact to carry important nutrients like vitamins A and D to the body.

Their milk is enzyme-rich due to their pasteurization process; they heat the milk to 73 degrees celsius for just 16 seconds. These enzymes are crucial for digestion, as they assimilate nutrients into the body. Their process also kills harmful bacteria, without harming enzymes. Since they leave their milk in its natural form many people who have had issues drinking milk or milk allergies have been able to drink Sheldon Creek Dairy's milk!

Sheldon Creek Dairy's authentic greek yogurt starts with fresh, whole, non-homogenized milk from the family’s dairy herd. They gently heat the milk and add live cultures, then mix in the all natural ingredients for their flavours (unless of course, you are eating the plain yogurt). The yogurt is then cooled, packaged, and shipped out to you! If it seems simple, it’s because it is. Sheldon Creek Dairy yogurt is minimally processed.

Sheldon Creek Dairy cows are fed crops grown right on their own farms. They graze on pesticide and herbicide-free grass in warm months and receive hays, grasses, and silage grown on their own farms during snowy winter months.

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