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Butter, 84% Organic Salted European Style 250g

Butter, 84% Organic Salted European Style 250g

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Butter, 84% Organic Salted European Style 250g


This 84% butterfat organic butter (the first of its kind in Ontario) has a markedly richer, more pronounced dairy flavour, reminiscent of old world European butters. It's like farm-churned butter with a round mouthfeel and a lightly salted profile upfront. Made by the renowned Stirling Creamery in the village of Stirling, Ontario.

Ingredients & Nutrition

Ingredients: Organic cream and sea salt. Does not contain artifical colour. Made from Ontario cream.


Sterling Creamery

Armed with the old-world know-how of a long line of family cheese makers, Stirling Creamery™ was established over 85 years ago. With one churn and two coal burning, steam-powered pasteurizers, the West Family began a proud legacy that lives on today.

Stirling Creamery™thinks it's time you got to know your better butter. Their philosophy is that butter isn't just butter- for them it is as unique and varied as fine cheese or wine; each has its own personality and flavour profile. They make a variety of butters in their Butter Collection so that food lovers can experience a range of flavours that expresses both their butter maker's craftsmanship and what exceptionally good butter can taste like. This is why, for the past thirty years, their Master Butter Maker, Chet Blair has continued the Stirling tradition of barrel churning some of Canada's finest butter in Stirling, Ontario using local, fresh sweet cream. No colourants or preservatives here; their product is all natural and artisanally crafted. The result: all-natural, creamy, fresh buttery flavour that's good enough to call one of the world's best.

their Guiding Principles are dictated by their desire to have integrity in all interactions, anticipate and address our customers' needs and to diligently pursue excellence. They do this by promoting continuous learning andinnovation and by striving to make their workplace an enjoyable, integrated part of life. And finally, they hold themselves accountable for communication that is both open and honest. Their commitment to these Guiding Principals is unshakeable and in fact forms the foundation of their overall company mission: 'Enrich Lives'.

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