Ontario Cheese Share

Ontario Cheese Share

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Ontario Cheese Share


This product includes:
   2x Chevre, Plain

Cheese made from happy cows, goats and sheep, milked right here in Ontario, in season. Every week, you'll receive a different cheese variety, depending on the natural milking schedule of the animals. Every week is a surprise but we can promise you - it will be delicious, and local! 

Monforte believes that "the small things do indeed make a difference, that agriculture is best practiced on a human scale" and that their cheeses each in their own way, "reflect something a little deeper than the technology behind mass manufactured food - a little of the poetry and passion of life itself." 

Healthy Old-fashioned Pastoral Eco-farms (HOPE) is an agricultural community of around 20 Amish producers located in Aylmer. HOPE cheeses are made from sheep or water buffalo milk. 

Blyth Farm Cheese is a small on-farm family business close to Lake Huron near the historical village of Blyth. They believe in the goodness of their cheese, made in small batches, handcrafted with passion, bringing out rich flavours. They do not use colouring or any other additives. Their cheese is made from 100% goat's milk, fresh from the farm.