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Sesame Tahini
Certified Organic

Sesame Tahini

$11.45  500g
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Sesame Tahini
Certified Organic


Nuts to You Organic Fair Trade Tahini is made from nothing but organic fair trade sesame seeds grown in Nicaragua. It can be used in the same ways as other nut and seed butters. It also makes tasty sauces, dressings and dips. Contains no added salt, sugar or tropical oils. A good source of vegetable protein, calcium, iron, magnesium and phosphorus. Not to mention it is Gluten-Free, Kosher and Soy-Free!


Ingredients: Mechanically Hulled, Dry-Roasted Fair Trade Sesame Seeds*. *Organic.


Nuts To You

Nuts to You Nut Butter Inc. is proudly Canadian since 1989. A small family-run business, Nuts to You has been operating in Paris, Ontario for over 20 years. All of their nuts and seeds are dry roasted (no oil) and do not contain added salt, sugar or saturated/tropical fats. Their butters are high in protein and fiber, and are a good source of vitamins, and minerals (magenesium, calcium, zinc, selenium, copper, potassium, and iron)! They also contain unsaturated fats ('healthy fats'), which can help reduce cholesterol levels and decrease the risk of heart disease. Nuts to You is certified organic by QAI, a third party independent organization recognized worldwide. Their products are all kosher and dairy-, soy-, wheat- and gluten-free.

Note: The oil in their products will naturally rise over time. Simply stir the oil back in. If you wish to reduce oil separation, store in the refrigerator.

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