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Salt, Fleur de Sel

Salt, Fleur de Sel

$8.95  125g
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Salt, Fleur de Sel


Fleur de sel crystallizes on the surface of salt marshes during hot summer days. Paludiers (salt harvesters) collect it manually and leave it to dry under the sun before it is packaged. Enjoy the crunchy bite and delicate taste of Canada's own Maison Orphee Fleur de Sel.


Ingredients: Sea Salt.


Maison Orphee

Quebec based, Maison Orphée products are only made with the highest quality fruit and seeds. They don't compromise on this quality or on the quality of their production either. In the tradition of authentic master oil makers, all of their oils result from the patient work of slow pressing, the only way to extract the best from oil seeds. Their oils are made from a particular know-how which is the first cold pressing. It's a process in which the oil seeds, not preheated, are pressed just once, without adding heat and at the lowest possible temperature, in order to extract part of the oil they contain (this temperature may vary depending on oil content and hardness of the seed to be pressed).

La Maison Orphée has over 20 years of expertise in the first cold pressing. In addition, they have been working in collaboration with Huilerie Philippe Vigean for 28 years, which is a traditional French oil mill operating since 1930. They visit them on a regular basis in order to exchange information and expertise. La Maison Orphée cultivates preferred relationships with nutritionists, scientists, chefs, chemists and biologists in order to improve their knowledge and offer products that meet high quality standards.