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Pomegranate Juice Blend

Pomegranate Juice Blend

$8.00  946mL
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Pomegranate Juice Blend


Lakewood's Organic non-GMO project verified Pomegranate Juice Blend is a super anti-oxidant juice blend, with no additives or artificial ingredients. This Kosher pomegranate Juice provides essential micro-nutrients, vitamins and minerals to help; maintain normal blood pressure and normal cholesterol levels; restore vital body electrolytes for overall vitality, health & well-being; support the immune system and maintain normal glucose levels; improve iron absorption and maintain strong teeth/gums; maintain normal cell growth, support the digestive system and provide healthful nutrients for every stage of life.


Ingredients: Certified organic fruit juices (organic pomegranate, organic apple, organic concord grape, organic grape, organic red tart cherry, organic blackberry, organic blueberry, organic lemon juices, and organic acerola cherry from concentrate); organic rose hips, and organic grape seed.

Does not contain: Gluten.


Lakewood Juices

Lakewood is an independent family juice company bottling a diverse line of pure organic and premium fruit juice products. Since 1935, their 3rd generation business continues to thrive as they fulfill their mission to deliver top quality fruit products under the guidelines of integrity and with respect for the environment. Their juices are a delicious natural source of anti-oxidants, phytochemical nutrients, dietary fiber, vitamins and minerals. Based in Florida, Lakewood takes pride in producing a line of fresh-pressed 100% pure organic and premium juices, with no additives or artificial ingredients of any kind.