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Ancient Grain Pancake Mix

Ancient Grain Pancake Mix

$8.00  500g
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Ancient Grain Pancake Mix


Grainstorm's Ancient Grain Pancake Mix may have their most loyal following. It boasts rich grainy flavours with light yet robust texture. No hint of that heavy—dare we say "cardboard"—taste experience that is typical with so-called "healthy" pancakes. Each package makes about a dozen large organic pancakes. Keep some in the freezer for those busy weekday mornings! They are vegan, nut-free and certified organic!

Ingredients & Nutrition

Ingredients: Fresh whole ground organic spelt, kamut and oat kernels, organic evaporated cane juice, non-GMO baking powder, baking soda, sea salt.

Contains: Gluten

Does not contain: Dariy, Eggs, Nuts and is peanut-free.



Grainstorm was founded in 2010 by David Zivot, a Toronto marketer and avid foodie who had spent over 20 years hunched at his computer getting increasingly fat and unhealthy. This is what prompted David to forge himself a path to healthy eating that didn't require giving up good food. He lost almost 60 pounds and became fit for the first time since he got his driver's license. An important part of this new healthy path was nutritious baked goods made with stone-ground heritage grains, milled fresh in the family kitchen. When David and his family first started grinding their own flour, they were AMAZED by the difference in quality. Not just how delicious it was, but how they FELT after eating it — satisfied and energized rather than tired and sluggish. It felt like a healthy baking miracle. Yet all it was was using common sense to get back to basics with fresh, whole food. David started wondering: “Why don’t more people know about this?” So he created GRAINSTORM to make baked goods good again- bringing back fresh stone-ground certified organic grains in an east-to-use baking mix format- making authentic heritage baking easy and fun for everyone.

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