Double Fermented Multigrain Bread

Double Fermented Multigrain Bread

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Double Fermented Multigrain Bread


This artisan bread is baked at Prairie Boy's small bakery in Toronto. Prairie Boy's bread is made with only high quality natural ingredients: organic Canadian flour milled here in Ontario, sea salt, water, and natural wild yeast culture. They mix the bread by hand with high hydration levels to ensure an open and moist, crumb. They then ferment the dough for 18+ hours which allows it to develop maximum flavour and ensure that the naturally occurring bacteria in the culture has time to breakdown the glutens into their moist digestible forms. Many people who have gluten sensitivities can enjoy Prairie Boy bread because of this process.


Ingredients: Kamut*, Rye*, Oats*, Wheat*, Sourdough Culture, Sea Salt. *Organic.


Prairie Boy

Prairie Boy is the farming venture of Grant MacPherson & Lainie Knox. More than that, it is a growing community of people dedicated to the art of eating well. They farm organic vegetables, cook, eat and share them with friends and clients who believe in Good, Clean, and Fair food for all. They aim to reconnect people with agriculture, food, quality, cooking, gathering, sharing, pleasure, and knowledge.