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Organic Arugula, Living

Organic Arugula, Living

$5.25  1 tray
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Organic Arugula, Living


Arugula, also known as rocket, has a distinct nutty, peppery flavour that is especially strong for a leafy green. It is often used in salads, mixed with other greens to make a mesclun, or eaten on its own with parmesan, pear and pecans. In Italy, arugula is sometimes added to pizza after it's finished baking, or right before, so that it will not wilt in the heat. No need to water this living arugula, just snip off what you need and store the rest in the fridge. This living arugala is Ontario grown and certified organic!

Ingredients & Nutrition

Ingredients: no chemicals, no GMOs, just organically grown living arugula.



Slegers Living Greens is a family owned greenhouse operation located at the edge of Strathroy, 20 minutes west of London, Ontario. They have been producing greens since 1987, and became organically certified in 2004, after many years of interest in organics and several growing trials to find organic techniques that were effective and compatable with their growing system. They believe in growing organically because it is healthier for consumers to eat, better for the environment and that it provides a healthy workplace for staff and family to work and live in.

The majority of Slegers greens are sold to wholesalers that are within a two hour drive from their farm; London, Toronto and surrounding cities and communities. They also sell their greens right at their farm gate retail store for members in the local community. Since local is important to Slegers, they are proud to be members of Local Food Plus (LFP).

Slegers chooses to grow their greens with the roots attached because they want you to get the freshest, raw food available with living enzymes that promote good digestive health.

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