Olive Oil, Extra Virgin Biodynamic
Organically Grown

Olive Oil, Extra Virgin Biodynamic

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Olive Oil, Extra Virgin Biodynamic
Organically Grown


Acropolis Organics Biodynamic Extra Virgin Olive Oil uses biodynamic agriculture - a new ecological farming system, (old school for them), which uses no pesticides, chemicals or industrial farming. Acropolis Organics never blends with other oils or varieties or uses chlorophyll (like much of the competition). The final product is 100% pure and natural.


Ingredients: Olive Oil*. *Organic.


Acropolis Organics

The true origins of the olive tree are revealed in Greek mythology. Back in 800 BC, Athena and Poseidon competed against each other to decide who would become the ruling God of what is now known as Athens. They decided to present the people of the city with one gift each and let them choose whose they liked best. First, Poseidon struck a stone with his trident giving the people salt water. Athena countered by striking her spear on the holy rock of the Acropolis, giving the people their first olive tree. Pleased with the usefulness of her offering and her obvious generosity, the citizens chose the olive tree and renamed their city Athens in her honour. While this story is myth, its spirit lives on in the Acropolis Organics name and legendary olive oil. For generations, the Tsiriotakis family has carried on the legacy of their ancestors, producing some of the purest, most delicious olive oil in the world. From tending fields and hand-picking olives, to first-cold-pressing the crop and packaging their bottles: every step of olive oil production is handled with meticulous attention to detail. Harvested by the Tsiriotakis family on the island of Crete, Acropolis Organics provides hand-picked, first-cold-pressed, unfiltered olive oil that is simply divine. While commercial manufacturers often "blend" olive oils, they grow and press theirs without the use of pesticides or chemicals using a single variety of koroneiki olives. These olives are renowned for their superior oil and are never mixed. The result is pure, simple and divine.

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