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Matcha Powder

Matcha Powder

$30.00  70g
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Matcha Powder


Matcha Ninja is naturally non-bitter and very smooth, it is unsweetened with zero additives. It is easy to use because it is soluble in cold or warm water. Just add it to your water bottle, shake it up and go! No whisking needed. Matcha Ninja's Matcha Powder is certified organic, and each batch is independently tested for heavy metals and pesticides.


Matcha Ninja

Matcha Ninja is dedicated to producing a top quality, great tasting, and easy to prepare product. The matcha, produced in Toronto, is super soluble, and blends easily in both cold and warm water. This easy brew matcha does not require a whisk. Just add to a water bottle, shake a little, and go.

It is a non-bitter, light tasting matcha. They de-stem each premium tencha leaf before grinding them into matcha powder. They believe this results in the best tasting matcha on the planet. To top it all off, their matcha has no fillers. Each pouch contains 70 servings of 100% raw, organic, premium matcha.