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Kombucha, Pear, Ginger & Chamomile

Kombucha, Pear, Ginger & Chamomile

$6.00  490mL
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Kombucha, Pear, Ginger & Chamomile


Alchemy Pickle Company's Nettle Chamomile Kombucha is a blend of Organic nettle leaf and chamomile flowers. This fresh tasting Kombucha has notes of fruit and flowers. These herbs are known for many uses in traditional medicines. May contain traces of caffeine.


Ingredients: Low-Caffeine Herbal Tisane*, Pear Juice*, Ginger. *Organic.


Alchemy Pickle Company

Alchemy Pickle Company makes delicious, nutrient dense, raw cultured vegetables and naturally carbonated sodas. They built direct relationships with sustainable farmers in Southern Ontario, and provide education around healthy whole foods. They are regional and seasonal!

Fermented pickles, condiments, and beverages that are hand crafted and produced locally have additional benefits besides assisting digestion and contributing to a healthy internal flora; they also support local farmers and contain higher nutrients because the produce is processed fresh from the fields. Alchemy Pickle Company also offers educational opportunities that are in high demand such as food preservation workshops and other urban homesteading skills.

Rebekka Hutton is the pickle maker and owner of Alchemy Pickle Company. Her experience as a cook, program facilitator, fundraiser, tour guide and urban farmer brings unsurpassed skill and passion for sharing knowledge and delicious food to help grow the good food movement in Canada.