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Kimchi, Kale

Kimchi, Kale

$9.65  500mL
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Kimchi, Kale


Green Table's Kale Kimchi is closer to the original Korean formula for kimchi, being made with Nappa Cabbage. They load three bushels of kale into each batch, and add a touch of spice. This kale kimchi tends to be a bit spicier than their Organic Kimchi. It is barrel-fermented, and hand-packed into mason jars.


Ingredients: Napa Cabbage, Kale*, Carrot*, Radish*, Onion*, Garlic*, Ginger*, Red Chili Flake, Pure Unrefined Sea Salt. *Organic.


Green Table Foods Inc.

Green Table Foods is a family-owned business in Guelph Ontario. Since 2005, they’ve been making nutritious, lacto-fermented vegetable foods with certified organic, farm-direct ingredients, one small batch at a time. 

They purchase their ingredients directly from farmers in the Guelph region. This ensures a fair price for the hard work they do all year long, and a stable price for their customers. With Respect for People being the motivating force, it helps to put food dollars directly back into our local economy. Green Table does not use any weird or unpronounceable ingredients, and keep their supply chain as simple and transparent as possible.

Everything is processed in-house — from peeling and slicing their own carrots, grinding up fresh ginger root, to slicing cabbage into thin, lacy furls. Their products are also wild fermented — which means the process requires no out-sourced starters. Because Green Table is a Certified Organic company, what goes into their food is just as important as how they handle it. They don’t irradiate. No irradiation means better retention of vitamins and enzymes, and no formation of unique radiolytic products– Yikes! They do not pasteurize, a process which destroys vital nutrients, enzymes, and pro-biotic bacteria. They also use 100% reusable and recyclable North-American made glass mason jars, because they’re better for our health and our planet.