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Hot Cacao Mix with Reishi
Certified Organic

Hot Cacao Mix with Reishi

$23.00  10x6g
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Hot Cacao Mix with Reishi
Certified Organic


Four Sigmatic's unique blend of organic cacao powder and organic reishi mushroom extract is an espresso-like treat for those evenings you just need to chill. The unique combo of spices and reishi mushroom in this hot cacao drink is designed to help you wind down and enjoy life to the fullest. Besides being delicious and easy to use, cacao and chocolate drinks have a long history of being used as a delivery system for other functional ingredients. Reishi mushroom, the main active ingredient in this drink, can help you with occasional stress and to get a good night of sleep. Cinnamon and cardamom help to combat sweet cravings.


Ingredients: Cacao Powder*, Coconut Palm Sugar*, Reishi Extract*, Cinnamon*, Cardamom Extract*, Rebaudioside A (Stevia Leaf Extract)*


Four Sigmatic

Beyond the Portobello, an entire kingdom of mushrooms exists, many with amazing health benefits for immunity, energy, and longevity that have been studied for centuries. At Four Sigmatic, they believe in the real magic of functional mushrooms like Reishi, Chaga, Cordyceps, and Lion's Mane, as well as other superfoods and adaptogens like rhodiola, eleuthero, and schisandra to help us live healthier, more enhanced lives.

Four Sigmatic make drinking mushrooms and superfoods delicious and easy-to-do with their Mushroom Coffees, Mushroom Superfood Blends, and Mushroom Elixirs. They sell tins for at-home use and single-serve packets, which are convenient to carry (and share!). They love blending their products with a cup of hot water and nut milk or mixing them into their smoothies and shakes. Four Sigmatic has a myriad of recipes if you feel like getting fancy, and they even wrote a whole cookbook about how to use them. But the bottom line is, they believe life is better when we’re #onshrooms, every day, all day.