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Flour, Hard All Purpose Unbleached

Flour, Hard All Purpose Unbleached

$8.25  1.25kg
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Flour, Hard All Purpose Unbleached


Oak Manor's Organic Hard Unbleached Flour is an all-purpose flour that is ideal for breads and yeast baking, but is also versatile for all your baking. Made from Hard Red Spring Wheat.


Ingredients: Sifted Hard Wheat Flour*. *Organic.


Oak Manor

Founded in Oxford County in 1943, Oak Manor Farm's roots began with progressive farmer named Delton Reibling, 150 acres of land, and a committment to organic agriculture. The Reibling family was one of the first to bring electricity to the community for their dairy and seed cleaning farm. Today the Reibling family continues to transform grain grown by local farmers into top quality flour and grain products. In addition to spelt, they also mill other regional grains such as rye, oats, wheat, and flax. These products, which include flour, berries, flakes and cereal, are sold to area natural food stores, independent retailers, and even to larger food chains.

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