Grapefruit Juice 250mL

Grapefruit Juice 250mL

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Grapefruit Juice 250mL


Freshly squeezed with organic pink grapefruit, this locally made, raw juice is a nutritional powerhouse of vitamin C and antioxidants, which will give your immune system a healthy kick. This organic juice is not the average grocery store variety, as the grapefruit has been picked, pressed and will be in your hands in less than 12 hours. Organic Village Juicery juice is never high pressure pasteurized so all you get is fresh, sweet, tangy, tarty goodness.


Ingredients: Nothing but organically grown grapefruit.


Village Juicery

Made in Toronto, every day. Village Juicery provides raw, 100% organic, nutritionist approved and never HPP’d cold-pressed juice. They strive to improve the everyday health of their community by providing convenient access to raw, local, organic, delicious plant-based nutrition.