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Gouda, Golden Blyth

Gouda, Golden Blyth

$7.30  200g
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Gouda, Golden Blyth


Whether enjoyed on a slice of rustic bread or between sips of white wine, Golden Blyth pairs a light, almost caramel flavour with a smooth, firm texture and mild saltiness - creamy, sweet and savoury. 


Ingredients: Pasteurized Goat Milk, Bacterial Culture, Rennet, Salt.


Blyth Farm Cheese

Blyth Farm Cheese is a small on-farm family business close to Lake Huron near the historical village of Blyth. They believe in the goodness of their cheese, made in small batches, handcrafted with passion, bringing out rich flavours. They do not use colouring or any other additives. Their cheese is made from 100% goat's milk, fresh from the farm.