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Cheddar, Extra Old (La Chaudiere)

Cheddar, Extra Old (La Chaudiere)

$14.60  340g
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Cheddar, Extra Old (La Chaudiere)


La Chaudiere Extra Old Organic Cheddar Cheese is aged at least 18 months. It's also 100% lactose-free and animal rennet-free as always. In 1995, when organic products were yet not part of everyday vocabulary, Vianney Choquette was among the first to invest time and money to launch production of organic cheeses made with organic milk from local farms.


Ingredients: Raw Milk*, Bacterial Culture, Salt, Microbial Enzyme. *Organic.


La Chaudiere

Since 1976, the Choquette family has created a whole collection of cheeses with real Quebec flavor that are proudly produced locally at a huge plant in Lac-Mégantic boasting state-of-the-art equipment. Over the years, four generations of master cheesemakers have taken up the torch to continue the tradition that Vianney Choquette began and perfect quality cheeses to the taste of Quebecers. That’s why when you buy La Chaudière cheeses, you get products with real Quebec flavour. La Chaudiere cheeses are rennet-free - they use only microbial enzymes. The role of microbial enzymes is to coagulate the milk to turn it into cheese. The organic cows that provide the milk for the cheese are treated compassionately. They can graze in pastures when the weather permits and are provided with nice, cozy quarters in the barn, and are free to roam. To round out their winning formula, they play soft music in the barn.

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