Espresso Grind, Around The World Medium Coffee

Espresso Grind, Around The World Medium Coffee

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Espresso Grind, Around The World Medium Coffee


With the magical Ethiopian Yirgacheffe and its rich, full bodied floral high notes, a pinch of a El Salvador at a lighter roast to introduce the sip to your mouth, and a pinch of dark Sumatran to help slip past the last of your tastebuds; this "Around The World" Medium Roast, Drip Coffee blend is one of Ideal's most popular.


Ingredients: Ethiopian Yirgacheffe coffee beans, El Salvador coffee beans, Sumatran coffee beans.


I Deal Coffee

Not your run-of-the-mill corner cafe. I Deal Coffee is - first and foremost - your local roaster; supplying fresh roasted coffee on a consistent basis. They’re also your trusted source of quality coffee; dealing exclusively in premium, fair trade, organic beans. As “idealists”, they concern themselves with the pursuit of a truly fresh cup of coffee, and specialize in home-roasted coffee beans and full-flavoured cups of coffee. I Deal Coffee cares about a lot of things - particularly, coffee - but also quality, community and sustainability.

Quality: All of their coffees consist of 100% premium Arabica beans; which are grown at high elevations, in biodiverse regions, without the use of pesticides.

Community: The preservation of diverse neighbourhoods and communities is important to I Deal Coffee. That is why each I Deal Coffee cafe is unique. They welcome and encourage their local customers and existing community members to influence the atmosphere of each shop. They also aim to help communities by supporting small, local businesses, which supply all of their baked goods, milk, honey and maple syrup.

Sustainability: They support sustainable farming and trading practices in an effort to improve existing social and environmental standards. Their coffee is grown organically: their beans are grown in mixed-canopy forests using natural farming practices, which promote biodiversity and sustainable agriculture. They engage in fair trade: they support small farmers and farmer-run co-ops, ensuring that their growers are paid well and can operate a sustainable business.

Above all, I Deal Coffee is about fresh coffee and responsible business. They keep it real and stick to what’s important.