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Duck, Whole Pekin

Duck, Whole Pekin

$30.00  3-7lb
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Duck, Whole Pekin


Amy and Debbie raise Pekin Duck who tend to be very gentle-mannered fowl. They used to raise Muscovy ducks, but they were grumpy birds and often bit people! During the summertime, Debbie & Amy treat their ducks to some local watermelon, and in the Fall the fowl's favourite snack is pumpkin! 

Ingredients & Nutrition

These ducks range between three to seven pounds. 


Fox Poultry

Fox Poultry is run by Debbie and Amy up in Erin, Ontario. They have a small flock of Geese, Chickens, Ducks, and Turkey on 10 acres of land. Their flock has a range of predator-protected land that they can roam freely, as well, Debbie and Amy walk their flock to the pond outside of the fenced land every day. The birds are rasied without the use of hormones or antibiotics and are fed a certified organic feed in addition to the bugs and seeds they forage outdoors. The ducks also get special treats in the different seasons: watermelon is a summertime favourite, and pumpkin in the Fall gets them quacking! 

They've chosen to raise a few different breeds of poultry, and are able to get their geese and ducks from a local breeder who is located quite close to them.