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Chicken, Bone-In Thighs

Chicken, Bone-In Thighs

$10.50  20-24 oz
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Chicken, Bone-In Thighs


Yorkshire Valley Farms' organic chicken thighs offer a great option for dark meat lovers. In addition to all the nutritional benefits of white meat, dark meat generally contains more zinc and vitamin B12. Cooking chicken with the skin on can help retain moisture and add flavour, so whether grilling, stewing or braising, chicken thighs can make for an economical, delicious meal.

Yorkshire Valley Farms' organic chicken thighs are delivered frozen and packed in an insulated cooler with ice packs. This ensures the meat stays sufficiently cold and provides you with flexibility on cooking time!

Ingredients & Nutrition

Ingredients: Organic chicken thighs.


Yorkshire Valley Farms

Yorkshire Valley Farms is committed to bringing you a range of poultry products that are both good for you and kind to the environment.

Their animals are raised on Ontario, family-run farms following the highest organic standards. Their birds enjoy a wholesome diet made of non-GMO, pesticide- and herbicide-free grains, with no animal by-products. The animals are antibiotic free and, like all poultry in Canada, they are raised without the use of hormones. their farms offer modern barns with natural light and ventilation, where the birds live in lower density flocks, giving them more room to move about and express natural behaviours. There is also seasonal access to organic outdoor pasture. By taking the best of what nature gives us, they provide you with wholesome, delicious chicken and turkey that we can all feel good about, for our families and the world we live in.

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