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Cheese Board

Cheese Board

$43.95  8 portions
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Cheese Board


This product includes:
   1 count Shepherd's Harvest
   1 count Ramembert
   1 count Gouda, Golden Blyth
   1 pack Crackers, Slightly Seedy
   1 count Organic Apple, Granny Smith
   RECIPE CARD: (Party Series) Cheese Board
   1 jar Black Currant Spread

Having a party and need a main event? Our cheese board is the perfect stress-free option. We did all the navigating and planning for oyu to build a fail-safe party dish, with these golden rules, you will no doubt be the host/hostess of the year. 

Rule 1:  Always include a variety of texture and flavours. Each cheese belongs to one of the 3 basic categories: aged, soft, or firm. Every platter should have a variety of flavours

Rule 2: Choose a mix of cheese sources (goat, sheep, cow, etc.), 

Rule 3: Always include at least one familiar cheese. This will ensure a happy group of guests.

Rule 4: Always serve cheese with extra arrangements. We included our favourit local crackers, Evelyn's Slightly Seedy crackers because they have the perfect crunch and lightness to be a vessel for your mouthwatering cheese. 

Rule 5: Include something sweet to balance out flavours: We kept it fuss-free with our local sweet fruit preserves and fresh organic Granny Smith apples.  

Ingredients & Nutrition

Ingredients: Ontario strawberry rhubarb spread, slightly seedy crackers, granny smith apple*, shepherd's harvest gold pecorino style cheese, ramembert style cheese, golden blyth cheese.


Allergy Allert: Made in a facility that also processes wheat, nuts, soybeans, milk and eggs.

per serving (based on 8 servings)


Fresh City

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