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Brown Rice Cakes, Unsalted

Brown Rice Cakes, Unsalted

$6.95  241g
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Brown Rice Cakes, Unsalted


The finest whole grain brown rice yields the freshest, most nutritious rice cakes. Lundberg mills the brown rice and then pops them into rice cakes right on the farm. That's why Lundberg's Unsalted Brown Rice Cakes are so fresh and flavourful!


Ingredients: organic whole grain brown rice.

Does not contain: Gluten, Dairy, Eggs, Wheat



Lundberg company traces its roots back to 1937, when Albert and Frances Lundberg moved to California from Nebraska. The Farm is a family-owned and operated business that is committed to producing the finest quality rice and rice products for your family. Since 1937, the Lundberg family has been growing healthy, great tasting rice while respecting and sustaining the earth. Today, the third generation carries on the family heritage by using eco-positive farming methods that produce wholesome, healthful rice, rice cakes, rice chips and risottos while improving and protecting the environment for generations to come.

Lundberg products are a delicious part of a healthy lifestyle that embraces wholesome goodness and a sustainable planet. Specializing in organic, gluten-free, and whole grain rice products, they proudly offer over 150 products for your enjoyment.

Lundberg Family Farms is a proud participant of the Non-GMO Project, a non-profit organization created by leaders representing all sectors of the organic and natural products industry in the U.S. and Canada, to offer consumers a consistent non-GMO choice for organic and natural products.